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According to Google Maps, Brazil is a good 7,300 km away from Germany at the closest point. Not a stone's throw - neither in terms of distance nor culture.

Nevertheless, the Forró has made the leap from northeast Brazil to Central Europe. And while communication with Brazilians is difficult without Portuguese, Forró seems to get along without a translation at all.

Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. Sometimes something that is perfectly normal in one culture is unnatural in another, and vice versa. A culture translation would sometimes be helpful. If there were, there would be an Amazon link here and it would be a short blog. 

The fantastic thing about Forró is that it is actually untranslatable. 

Inspiration or warning?

For me, untranslatable means: Forró is only forró as long as it remains Brazilian culture. If it is translated into European, it loses its charm. We Europeans tend towards Europeanization. This is no different with the Forró and has already contained the magic in some places.

This blog was created to inspire, but also to strengthen the Forró. A secret warning may be hidden behind one or the other post. The focus will always be on the great things that are there to be discovered. 

A dancing goal player

For a long time it didn't really appear that I would write a Forró blog. As a semi-professional soccer player (in goal) I had little capacity for a second passion for a long time. 

But I laid the foundation stone back then without even knowing it. When I was just 11, to the amazement of my parents, I began to learn Portuguese. That should make my life a lot easier when I discovered the Forró culture about 10 years later.

But I don't want to reveal too much in this first text either. 

Philip von Forrówelt mit dem Luiz-Shirt

I would be happy if you share your favorite posts with your friends, comment on your opinion and encourage them to think too!

Have fun while reading! 

Your Philip

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