Something very practical from Baobab!

PUSCHH - A small, dull blow in the side rips me out of concentration. The young woman's small, black shoulder bag swings regularly through the air with great precision, only to bump into me just above my hip. It has to look funny because the bag with the long ribbons gives our dance a lively extra dynamic with every turn. The lively variable annoys my partner, I can feel it. But I can understand that she doesn't want to put her bag with the valuables somewhere: It's a big full one party, with a few hundred people, of whom I only know a few. 

Everyone who has been around for a long time has their own VALUABLES tactic. I've tried a lot myself: from overfilled pockets to a € 10 bill in socks (not a good idea if you still want to pay with it). At some point I gave it up and did it like everyone else: bag in the corner and on top hope that no villain mixes with the Forrozeir @ s. That has worked extremely well in the last few years (at least for me). Nevertheless (and because it didn't always work out so well for others) I felt uncomfortable when I danced far from my bag and temporarily lost sight of it. Especially at larger parties in unknown cities, I felt that this was a disruption to my 'Forró meditation'. 

The hit in France!

I would like to know my valuables in absolute security, without full trouser pockets or an annoying bag bothering me while dancing. And no, bum bags are not an option for me either. They just don't suit me and disturb my dancing because they are bulky and constantly slide somewhere. 

I thought. 

After all, I didn't know the project of my Forró friend Leonie. That changed when I came across her Instagram account one day: There she presents her own, handmade bum bags, the especially for Forro designed sind. Besonders das flache Modell hat es mir angetan: Die Tasche ist super thin (You hardly notice it when you wear it), it is non-slip thanks to the individual adjustability and looks great on both women and men. The original African fabrics harmonize wonderfully with different tastes as well as with the sounds and movements of forró. 

Do I have to say that these bags are an absolute hit in Leonie's adopted country of France?

Handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces

In an extended Skype conversation, Leonie and I finally considered how we could also help the Forrozeir@s in Germany and Austria with the Forró bags. The result is a cooperation between our two small Forró start-ups Baobab and Forróworld:

in the Forrówelt shop can you from now on your unique piece (each bag is only available once in exactly the same way). We start with two (limited) samples for both models (Gabriela & Botafogo) and look forward to your Forró life with them a bit more pleasant close!

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