About the longing for dance and lightness

Do you remember what it feels like to arrive at a party?

When you hear the first beats of the zabumba from far away, then slowly the melody gets louder and you recognize the song immediately. You feel the joy that comes over you and you can't wait to dance all night. You see the first people dance, how they move their bodies to the rhythm of the music, their arms wrapped around each other like in an embrace, the feeling of happiness in their eyes. Soon you will see the first familiar faces, they will welcome you with a warm smile and you will feel their open, long embrace. The first person invites you to dance, together you look for a spot on the dance floor where you have a little more space. 

Do you remember the brief moment of hugging when you listen to the new song together before you start moving to it? How it feels to get more and more into the flow while you forget everything else around you because nothing matters more than the person you dance with and the music that is playing. The way you discover the song together. The breaks are stressed. Danced the melodic parts of the song with the arms and a flowing upper body. Do you remember the warm moment after the last beats of the music have faded and you both remain in silence - not yet ready to finish what you have created together. One last close hug and a divided smile.

Do you remember what it feels like to hear that song that always reminds you of a specific person and makes you smile softly? As you know every single part of it, every pause, every beat and every melody sequence of the Sanfona. You know when and with whom you last danced to it, even if it seems like a long time ago. If you know the text by heart without even speaking Portuguese ...

The feeling of a festival to be. Spending four days with great people, enjoying the dance, all day and all night. Even if your feet are starting to hurt. Even if you haven't actually slept enough in the last few days to even think about dancing...

Hearing this wonderful music that fills you with lightness and joie de vivre, that lets feelings of happiness flow through your body just by listening. Dance and dance and dance until you've known every little corner of the dance floor, until you've danced with all the people you love and who make you happy. Hearing the band play that you've been dying to see for the past few months. To feel how they get into the flow, the music seems to come not only from their instruments, but almost from their bodies themselves. Always new pages from Forro to discover that teachers from all parts of the world will show you. To see how they interpret the dance and bring their very own touch to the movement. Sitting on the sofa with others between workshops, eating and laughing, getting to know the people again on a different level, with whom you have already shared so much in common - although you may only just know their name. You watch couples dance, you are always inspired by their movements, because every single dance is special - a creation between two people that will never be the same again.

And now remember that all of these memories can still float through your head if you just look for them. That many parties, countless dances and festivals are waiting for you in the future. That they will make your face shine, wrap you in a warm feeling and make your day a very special one. It's all just a matter of time ...

Gastautorin: Hannah Müller

Guest author: Hannah Müller

Hannah fell in love with Forró in 2017 and has since attended courses in various cities - after Darmstadt, Münster and Hamm followed, and she is currently dancing in Bochum. She thinks it is best to immerse yourself in the music with someone else, to dance it creatively and to forget everything around her. Sometimes she meets the muse of poetry and she puts texts on paper that dream of touching moments and take you into a world of thought games.

Photo: Dani Bpunkt Photography

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