Between 'For All', 'For 2G' & 'for nobody'

It has become fresh and dark. late autumn. Nevertheless, we are still standing in front of the door of our dance location. As always after our weekly meetings. It's hard to let go of the people you share these addictive forró world excursions with. This time, however, it's particularly difficult for me, and that's not because I'm not going to the Alps for two weeks because of my hiking holiday Forro would come.

It is much more due to the sad voice of a course participant. A voice that touches me and that I would like to tell you about. A voice that no one from the Forró group has heard since that evening (as of Nov 21). And I still can't get it out of my head.

Not our problem - or is it?

The person belonging to this voice is not vaccinated. For many, pity ends at this point. “It's his own decision! Not only are the unvaccinated the main reason why the pandemic is still not under control, they are also stupid because they harm themselves and thus blame themselves!” At least that's the opinion I come across regularly. And what's my opinion?

I believe the vaccination is a part the best way we have found so far to deal with the pandemic as a society and no one has yet been able to convince me otherwise. This is not the point here. A lot has changed since that Forró evening at the end of October.

I myself have only looked at what has changed from a distance, because I haven't been to a Forró meeting since that evening either. And that was not foreseeable, because I am vaccinated and very reluctantly miss Forró appointments. 

I've been cautious throughout the pandemic because I live in the same house as my 89-year-old grandma, she is very important to me and I look after her often. But there is another reason that gave me a queasy, uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.

Voluntary forró waiver?!?

Didn't we all boast that all people are welcome at forró? The legend kept alive: Forró comes from 'For All'? I can remember several blind people, an event in Osnabrück for the deaf, an age range of 18-80 years in the courses, people in wheelchairs, countless different languages, religions and all imaginable cultures in the context of Forró events . I can also remember that despite all the differences, we had a lot of things in common.

As of now, for the first time since I have been able to experience Forró, there is a group that is no longer welcome. A group that certainly did not take this decision lightly. That gives me stomach ache. And headaches: can there even be a 'fair' regulation?

The complexity of the medical, but above all the social situation, does not make it easy for us. At first I was of the opinion: “Better 'only 2G' than none!” 

But um. Now I'm leaning toward 'none'. If you look at the many infections during Festival in Munster If you look at it, I might not be that wrong from a pandemic point of view. Why don't we just take a kind of winter break like in football? And in the summer we dance again until the dance floors give way. Then both the exclusion problem and the pandemic risk would be more or less under control.

And if no forró is no solution?

Ok - I don't see that coming and maybe the pandemic problem caused by these events is less than I suspect. In my opinion, that would speak in favor of the justifiability of the 2G+ regulation. Because as long as the pandemic situation and the risk of contagion are not aggravated, I actually think it's better if at least a part (2G+) can dance. Only: At a 2G+ Forró event, you don't notice the mood that a part is missing. The danger is that we get tired of talking openly to each other, of arguing, of really trying to understand, of checking our own opinions. And thereby simply forget the absent part of the Forró people. Can we try together to prevent this? Can we try to find (common) solutions together?
A pandemic is by definition a social phenomenon. This means Empathy, communication & cohesion are more important than ever. We Forrozeir@s are actually good at that. I don't know if there can be a 'fair' arrangement, but no matter what we do, we should consider it together.

Together > a little forró philosopher

Together is the keyword. I'm just a little Forró philosopher with a problem and looking for alternatives, opinions & suggestions (like in the comments). I only stick to my opinion as long as no one can convince me of another with better arguments. If someone does, I'll log back in and edit this article.

Until then - Philip.



  1. Hello Philip,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for philosophizing openly and publicly about the subject at all. I think more people should do that. I see it similar to you: The topic is very complex and in my view it is hardly possible to fathom a "right" and "wrong".
    The situation has changed again and again over the past 26 months. In the beginning, when not much was known about the disease, I thought it was perfectly fine to be very careful. But after two months, I said to myself and others: "If these restrictions continue now, they will cause more harm than good." and I think I'm right about that. But no one can answer with certainty.
    As someone who hasn't been vaccinated, I feel very excluded, and not just from dancing.
    Thanks to my recovered status, I am now “allowed” to book the 2G+ events until September. It's a strange feeling. Being at an event where, as you say, a certain group is not welcome.
    I praise all people with their “illegal” dance clubs where, as far as I know, nothing ever happened.

    As far as I know, vaccination has no effect on the risk of infection.
    I find meeting with a previous test for everyone the most understandable.

    All the best, your Ilya

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