Make a wish: Forrówelt roadmap

I remember writing wish lists with my sister when I was a little boy. And how we then placed them outside on the window sill in the light of sparklers. The Christ Child, we hoped, might be able to fulfill one or the other wish. 

the impatient anticipation, whether and if so, what the Christ Child was thinking, cannot be erased from my memory. I still know this impatient anticipation today – for example from Forró Festivals, a new book, or a course I'm about to start (as a student). I would like to be right in the middle of it and have these great experiences. 

The childlike magic is gone - long live the magic!

Even if the magic is not the same: many people wish himself happiness, health and love for all sorts of occasions. Even if these wishes sometimes degenerate into empty phrases, we agree that these things are among the most important. How nice it would be if there were more of these around the world! Of course, it fits well that there are a lot of these things in the Forró... 

The anticipation of a festival is basically not much different than the anticipation of these special feelings. After all, over the years I have not only learned that impatient anticipation and desires are beautiful, but also that fulfilling them is. Happiness shared is happiness doubled. 

How many times can you share happiness?

My goal with Forrówelt is just to share as much happiness as possible. Sometimes that's not so easy, because you can't force luck. That's why there is now a new tool on the homepage: the Forrówelt roadmap

All Forrozeir@s Forró wishes of all kinds can now be entered there. I enjoy working on projects that I know will be eagerly awaited. And even if I certainly can't fulfill all Forró wishes, there is always someone in a community who has an idea for implementation.

With that in mind, I'd be happy if you pay a visit to the roadmap and leave an idea or a few upvotes!

Bye for now,

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