On-Air: The Forrówelt Podcast

So now a Forrówelt podcast. Is that really necessary? My everyday life, full of projects, told me clearly: “No chance! Where else is that supposed to fit in?” My forró heart cautiously noted: "Isn't there always room for a little Forró?" 

And so here we are. And there are lots of ideas with us! The podcast solves that Forróblog certainly not, but it's meant to be a handy addition to the content here. I know how it is: Sometimes it's just more practical to listen to a podcast on the side than to fight through long blog articles. 

So in the future it will be on Spotify & Co have an episode at least once a month in which I am alone or with guests about a very special forró idea speak. In the first episode, this idea is wrapped up in a story. I think in the future the episodes will mostly have more of an interview character. It's just better to discuss things together. These interviews will (in most cases) also be broadcast live on Forrówelt's social media channels, so that our listeners also have certain opportunities to join the discussion and participate in the podcast. 

I'm looking forward to everything that's to come and I'm excited for this upcoming journey!

If you want to support me and you like the first episode of the podcast, then I would of course be very happy about a subscription and a rating!

See you soon on any of the Forró world dance floors,


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