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It's not often that a well-kept secret is revealed in a blog post. This time, and with the help of Zeu Azevedo, but is it like this:

You probably know that too: you pick up an ingenious catchy tune somewhere (for example by Zeu Azevedo) and just can't stop singing this song. However, since the song was not written in your mother tongue, you sing in a kind of fantasy language. Did he really just sing "enjoy the chenana view"?!?

um, yes It is particularly impractical when the 'lyrics' cannot be found on the Internet.

That's how I felt until recently with Zeu Azevedo's What You Gonna Do. I really loved this song the first time I heard it, right at the beginning of my Forró career. For the small appearances at parties with my former Forró band "Os Tocadores' we even carefully transcribed the lyrics. So, we thought we carefully transcribed the lyrics. Since then, however, I've met Zeu personally (well, virtually actually) - and now that I know how the lyrics really work, I'm sharing that knowledge with you here.

Of course, I had a bit of a chat with the artist beforehand to get his thoughts on the song. Even if the scenario is quite plausible and certainly not uncommonly something like this happens – the story is made up: Zeu imagined a stranger who met a woman who was absolutely crazy about forró. He's trying to convince this woman to go out with him. She's not opposed to it in general, but there's only one option for her: she wants to go Forro. If he wants to see her again, that's where he has to go.

Lyrics of "What U Gonna Do" (by Zeu Azevedo)

original text

I met this girl last week,
She's really nice, so sweet,
She gave me her number
I'm gonna call her tonight
I think it was love, love at first sight,
She asked if I wanted to go to Forró,
I said I don't know, I never been there before,
I tried to suggest a different thing,
She said no way this weekend I'm dancing!

German translation

I met this girl last week
She's really nice, so sweet
She gave me her number
I will call her tonight
I think it was love, love at first sight
She asked if I wanted to go to the forró
I said I don't know, I've never been there.
I tried to suggest something else
She said "no chance, this weekend I'll dance"!

What are you gonna do next Friday?
I'll dance Forró, I'll dance Forró.
Where are we gonna go on Saturday?
I'll dance Forró, I'll dance Forró.
Tell me please you're free next Sunday!
I'll dance Forró, I'll dance Forró.
She said, all night if you wanna meet me,
Come dance Forró, we'll dance Forró!

What are your plans for next Friday?
I dance forró, I dance forró.
Where will we go on Saturday?
I dance forró, I dance forró.
Please tell me you don't have any plans for next Sunday!
I dance forró, I dance forró.
She said "if you want to meet me sometime tonight"
Come dance forró, we will dance forró!

She said Forró is a dance,
Forró is a rhythm, Forró is a place,
If I move to groove, it will change how I feel,
You know that Forró is the best of Brazil.
I felt insecure, I wasn't sure what I'd find,
But smiling at me, she soon changed my mind,
Nothing better to do, let's go to Forró,
She's hard to forget, I must see her more.

She said Forró is a dance
Forró is a rhythm, Forró is a place.
When I move to the grooves, it changes my feelings.
You know, forró is the best in Brazil.
I felt insecure, not sure what to expect
But she smiled at me and soon changed my mind
I have nothing better to do, let's go to the forró!
She's hard to forget, I need to see her more often.

Video: Live performance from 2009

Zeu wrote the hit in 2006 before it was recorded in the studio in 2007 and the video followed in London in 2009 (see below). 

By the way, the Brazilian started his musical career very early and on the electric piano, rather he fell in love with the accordion at 18 and couldn't get rid of it.


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If the question has been burning under your nails up to now "What did Philip hear and transcribe at the beginning?", then here are two excerpts (I have already alluded to another one above): Who finds "A belt to secure" and "She is so genuine in my mind" in the text? 😂🤣 Have fun searching and interrogating!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new. In which songs do you hear phrases and words that are definitely not there? What are your thoughts on this lyrics? Does the story sound familiar to you? Which lyrics should we check out next?

Write your answers to these questions below in the comments or in a personal message Instagram! I look forward to reading from you! 🙂



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