7 gift ideas for Forro dancers

Let's be honest. Making others happy with a gift is not that easy. "So what is that? A blender? Yet again?!? I am forró dancer, not a potato masher!"

So now if you're looking for a gift for a Forrozeir@ (or something to wish for yourself) then maybe you'd love some inspiration. Tatatataaaa: At inspiration and Forro beats the Forróblog- Alarm on of course. So here are my (Philip's) warmest recommendations for guaranteed happy gift ideas for forrozeir@s and dancers.

Geschenkideen 1 - Forró Online Kurse

1. Online courses: The all-rounder among Forró gifts (from €10)

What could be nicer than giving knowledge and the opportunity for further development? And then with maximum flexibility, around the clock and from your own living room? Forró online courses are available for very different categories - both for couples and for individuals! It is important to get the right category. From Forró World there are offers for Forró newcomers (Couples who have never danced Forró), for medium-experienced rabbits and rabbits, for dancers who are more interested in Footwork and the Forró style Roots interested, or for advanced, who particularly dance musically want. Of the brand new Steps course, in which Forrozeir@s can improve their own stepping patterns without a partner, can be found in the early bird offer for just €15 (for life). 

In all of the courses mentioned, there is above all retrievable content - in some cases (in the case of the musicality course and the basics courses) also supplementary live lessons. By the way, Forrówelt offers one coupon (in variable amount), with which the recipient can then choose the courses. It can be applied to courses with monthly subscriptions as well as to courses purchased “for life”.

Geschenkideen - Forró Bekleidung Shirts

2. Clothing for Forrozeir@s (from around €15)

There are two reasons why Forrozeir@s are excited about new “Forró Garments”:
1.) Our consumption at parties is more than inflationary. Anyone who moves a lot and has a lot of physical contact sweats a lot. But nobody wants to sweep across the dance floor with soaking wet dance partners, which is why a change of clothes is (fortunately) very popular.
2.) We Forrozeir@s like to carry the Forró out into the world. Not only because we are proud of our hobby and the community, but maybe also a bit because we want to make other people aware of our happy world. In addition, it is not only nice at festivals, but also in everyday life to have a piece of Forró fabric close at hand. There are now many great motifs that are more than suitable for everyday use and not only cut a good figure on the dance floor. 
You should definitely check out two shops: Xiado da Xinela is a portuguese online shop specializing in girls' clothing (great shoes and wrap tops/skirts, but also tops and shirts). A bit more geared towards boys is the one Forrówelt shop: Here you will find cool shirts/tops, cozy jumpers, caps and trousers - all made from organic cotton at 100 %. Either Forróworld, as well as Xiado da Xinela also offer vouchers for your shops!
Geschenkideen - Baobab Paris Bauchtasche Forró

3. Bumbags for dancing (30-55 €)

In another blog article I already explained why fanny packs are a great thing for dancers. In short: you don't have to stow your valuables in a bag under a chair unobserved, you have them on your body. 
There are particularly beautiful bags, developed by a great Forrozeir@ baobab. Cost: 30-55 €, depending on the size. But I especially recommend the small, flat bags because they are best for dancing!

Geschenkideen - Forró (2) Lacrosse Ball

4. A lacross ball: regeneration for the feet (approx. 5 €)

An insider tip. As a sports scientist, I know of course how important our feet are and how important regeneration is! Lacrosse balls are the cheapest gift on this list - but that doesn't mean they are less valuable for everyday Forró. I no longer go to a festival without these small, round companions. They release a lot of tension in no time, especially in the feet, but not only! You can find it in many sports shops or the online shop of your choice.

Geschenkideen - Forró Privatstunde

5. Forró private lesson(s) (from approx. €25)

Most people rarely treat themselves to it. Everyone knows, however, that this is one of the ways you learn the most! Of course this is the perfect gift!
My recommendation: Find a dance teacher from the region. This is how you support a Forró ambassador in your area and you make a Forrozeir@ gift recipient happy! WIN WIN! 
If there is nothing suitable in your area, the usually somewhat cheaper online Forró private lessons may be an option. Of course, the dancers should then be in pairs. Of course, we also offer this with Forrówelt - online private lessons can also be done with the Dance Voucher will be charged.

Geschenkideen Spotify Forró

6. Music til you drop (from €10)

Forró doesn't work without music. That's why Forrozeir@s need music ad nauseum. Of course, there are streaming services. Spotify is certainly the most popular here: There are many, many Forró playlists (including, of course, from Forrówelt) and there is hardly a Forró song missing. But you also get your money's worth with Apple Music and YouTube Premium. Another gift idea, so that the beats of the bass drum don't fall silent, are portable boxes. With a small Bluetooth box (e.g. from JBL) you quickly become the hero or heroine of the after party. 

Geschenkideen - Forró Musik machen - Akkordeon, Alex Almeida

7. Music Maker Gift (from €15)

Forró is not just dancing! Maybe the recipient likes to make music themselves. There are no limits to creativity here. Triangles and accordions (some of which can be found on ebay classified ads for as little as 40 €) can be purchased (in the low price ranges, which are sufficient for the first contact) in some cases very cheaply. If an accordion is already available, a music book (e.g. from Alex Almeida, or a Ebook by Luiz Gonzaga) is a good idea as well as private lessons from a teacher like Alex himself. By the way, we both have several cool and entertaining ones on forrowelt.de Forró accordion courses compiled on demand. 

Closing word on the gift ideas

Of the Forro is diverse, and of course the Forrozeir@s too. The presented gift ideas certainly do not all suit everyone, and of course not all of them fit into every wallet. But I think there is something for everyone. Now it's up to you to figure out which direction it might go. I hope to have helped you a bit. 

Incidentally, I do not receive any commission for the recommended products (from external brands). I have linked the things that I would be happy about myself, that are worth supporting and that I can recommend with a clear conscience. If you have any other creative gift ideas for Forrozeir@s, then all visitors to this page will be happy if you share them with us in a comment! 



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