Ó do Forró: Who are you?

If you im Forrosupermarket and reaches for the top shelf in the »Forró-Bands« department, then this fantastic band can definitely be found there: Ó do Forró

I was correspondingly tense when I Miudinho-Festival in Berlin was waiting for the three guys in the basement. Sivaldo, the singer with the curly hair, found the way first. I tried to express my excitement about our meeting and mentioned that I was a bit nervous. He found the latter somewhat amusing and reported it to the entering Adan (Zabumbeiro). The undertone sounded a bit like "How can you be nervous in an interview with us?". The beginning of a very likeable performance. They both assured me that we would rock it together and then Álvaro (Sanfoneiro) and Matheus (Antunes, from Berlin) came along and helped me with the translations. 

The interview with Ó do Forró in the video:

In order to be able to read the German subtitle, you have to click on the cog wheel in the bottom right corner of the video and then select German as the subtitle!


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Thanks to "Ó do Forró" & to the contributors!

Such an interview can be looked at comparatively quickly, but conducting it requires a lot of commitment from all sides. Thanks to the guys from Ó do Forró for the pleasant, sympathetic meeting and for patiently answering all our questions! A big thank you also goes to Matheus (@forrowithmatheus on Instagram) for the translation help and to Milena from Forro Regensburg for the great patience and help with proofreading. In addition, the interview would not have been possible without the generous cooperation of the organizers of the Miudinho Festival in Berlin.

Who do you think we should definitely interview from the Forró world? Write your suggestions in the comments!

Best regards and see you soon

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