You're in! Bem vindo!

Deine Anmeldung hat funktioniert. Eine Bestellbestätigung hast Du per Mail erhalten. Bitte folge jetzt den untenstehenden Schritten! 🤓

1) Konto im Kundenportal einrichten (wenn Abo gebucht wurde)

In order to be able to manage your course subscription, you need an account in our separate subscription portal. We sent you an email (subject: “IMPORTANT: Please create a password…”) sent to your mailbox. 

2) Log in at!

Yes, you still need a second account (for security reasons) - this time it's about access to the online courses. Follow the instructions in another email we sent you (subject: “Your username and…”)!

3) Book an introductory meeting with Philip (optional)

If you like you can HERE book an introductory meeting with me (via Zoom)!