Online courses related to Forró

The corona epidemic does not make it easy for us Forrozeir @ s. Forró should still exist! That's why we've put together the coolest online courses you can imagine for you!

Forró Grundlagen Online-Tanzkurs Philip Zoom

For beginners & basic strengtheners

Forró basics

In this online course you will learn the basics of Forró. Dancing Forró makes you happy, you'll quickly notice that! Click in and be there!

For Forró dancers who want to dance more musically

Forró musicality course

Would you like to know more about forró music and how to incorporate it into your movements? Perhaps you would also like to be able to bring your personality more into the dance! This course promises all of that. And much more…

Nice that you're back! Now pick up where you left off! 🙂 

Alex Almeida der Akkordeonist

For musicians

Forró accordion in German

The first German-speaking Forró accordion courses! Alex Almeida is the accordionist of the band Forró de Ka and lets you in on his greatest secrets! 

New steps to learn & try!

Roots crash course (FdC @ Home)

Sarah and Rudolfo (formerly Forró de Colônia) take you into the roots world! With exciting and entertaining videos you will learn some of the coolest foot moves ever! 

Sarah & Rudolfo von Forró de Colônia

This is the way to the Forró world!