Forró Regensburg und Forrówelt Partnerschaft

Forro Regensburg

- Courses with Anne, Milena & Philip every Wednesday in the oriental dance studio!

Das ehrenamtliche Team um Anne, Milena, Philip und Co von Forró Regensburg e.V. gibt immer Mittwochs Forró-Kurse. Im Stadtpark (Sommer) oder im orientalischen Tanzstudio in der Puricellistraße (ganzjährig)! 

Kurszeiten (Stand Dezember), immer mittwochs (Einstieg immer zu Beginn eines Blocks möglich. Meldet Euch im Kontaktformular, um zu erfahren, wann es Schnupperstunden gibt):
– Forró Intermediate at 18:00
– Forró basics at 19:00
– free dancing from 8:00 p.m

There is also a dance evening at Swingmaniacs on a Friday every month. This dance evening includes a free trial lesson where newcomers can try out the Forró dance (without prior registration and without a partner)! If you are interested, please leave a message using the contact form below - there is also a WhatsApp group in which we can then add you.

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Forró Regensburg - FAQ

Forró is three things at the same time: a dance, the accompanying music and the party at which it all takes place. Forró comes from northeastern Brazil and is the most popular couple dance in the South American country. You can find more detailed information HERE!

Forró Regensburg eV is a registered association dedicated to Brazilian culture and in particular to Forro dedicated.

Nope! Just drop by! The partners are constantly changing and nobody has to be brought along!!

There are the following dance locations:

Since winter 2016: After Anne, Paula and Philip met at a Forró festival in Darmstadt in autumn 2016, plans for a Forró scene in Regensburg were quickly made. When Philip (born in Regensburg - then living in Hamm/Münster) made a home visit in winter 2016, the first event was held with a party. In the summer of 2017, after a six-month break, there was a first small Forró weekend at the W1 Center for Young Culture. Anne and Paula then took matters into their own hands and started regular Forró meetings. 
The whole thing became more and more popular and grew. Finally they got support from the new (and forró-experienced) Astrid & Hermann. The Forró wave was unstoppable and culminated in the founding of the association “Forró Regensburg eV”. A lot happened again in 2022: the first time a professional Forró band came to Regensburg (Forró de KA), the first really big event (Forró Summer Festival) and the first time courses, in a professional setting in a dance studio!

Forrówelt founder Philip was born in Regensburg and the small company is registered in the Regensburg district. It soon became a dream for him that there is also a nice Forró community in Regensburg. That's why he naturally supported the project constantly (mostly from the background) and gave one or the other push.

Today, Forró Regensburg and Forrówelt are partner organizations and work closely together!

The course leaders of Forró Regensburg eV are currently mainly Anne and Milena, Astrid and Hermann belong to the extended course management team. Philip from Forrówelt provides support in the event of failures.

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