Forró de Colonia at home: Roots-Crashkurs

Roots crash course

You already dance Forró & would like to learn more about the Roots style to learn? Then the roots crash course is the right place for you! Our friends from Forró de Colônia are real experts & let you in on their secrets!


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Roots-Crashkurs Video

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Course content: all topics at a glance!

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Travada / Roots Walk

One of the most famous roots figures! In this module you not only learn what is important, but also how to vary the figure!

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Chutinho / Roots Sacada

This figure has nothing to do with football (Chutinho = weak shot). But all the more so with Forró! You can learn the Roots Sacada plus variations here!

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Giro Paulista

No - roots dancers don't spin a lot. But when they shoot, it's often the Giro Paulista! You will learn how it works in this module.

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A simple but very effective movement: with a cleanly danced facão you can optimally change direction.

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Pendulum dynamics

The pendulum dynamics are demanding - but ingenious, if you can do them! There is not only a video for beginners, but also for professionals!

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Coordination of the feet

An extremely helpful module for all styles (not just roots). These exercises help you to optimally adapt yourself and your steps to the circumstances.

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Pushing feet

The movement of this module is one of the most flexible movements ever. Therefore, you will learn several variations at the same time.

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Bonus module

Here you can activate additional content. There are more FdC videos (other topics) as well as something from Philip's musicality course.

The main characters of the videos are from ...

Forró de Colônia

the Forro- WG of Sarah, Rudolfo and Andre decided in March 2020 not to accept the lockdown idly. They quickly launched the “FdC@Home” initiative. FdC is the abbreviation for Forró de Colonia eV, one of the largest Forró clubs in Germany based in Cologne.

Especially Sarah and Rudolfo are from the European forró scene indispensable. In recent years they have increasingly specialized in the Roots dance style and are pursuing the mission of bringing the difficult movements to the Forrózeir@s in an understandable way.

Sarah & Rudolfo von Forró de Colônia


Frequently asked questions - and their answers

We can highly recommend it because the learning effect is far greater here. But that doesn't mean that you don't learn anything or that you can't improve if you do the course alone. But it probably needs a little more self-motivation.

Different. The course is definitely not for complete beginners. For everyone else, however, it is doable. The Chutinho and the advanced pendulum dynamics are particularly difficult!

No, there is no such thing in this case. BUT: We have a satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied in the first 14 days after your booking, we will refund your money!

It always depends on the course and how it was set up. Sarah, Rudolfo and Andre put a lot of emphasis on exciting, funny content that is entertaining. In addition, the challenges, quizzes and the roots forum ensure fun and exchange among each other!


This is the way to the Forró world!