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Philip · September 21, 2019

Dear Forrozeir @ s,

We must pay attention. On us, on each other and on what we love. hug and connection im Forró bring strangers together and make this dance so special. However, they also require a relationship of trust that must be respected. We want what we relate to in our courses respect and handling discuss and discuss with each other also share with the general public. 

That is why we are currently working on this online course. In the future you can find out here what you can do to make others and yourself feel good admit. Our greatest wish is that our Forrozeir@s feel comfortable at all events, treat each other well and strengthen the scene. Therefore, this course is a matter of course free course being.

Warm greetings,


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For me, Forró is the symbiosis of music full of life and movement with other people! Forró makes you happy!

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