Forró Basic Course (A1) – Variant A

Philip · January 10, 2022

Creation of the Forró foundations:

  • dance technique
    • Weight shifts and the 3 basic steps
    • Lead & follow via physical contact
    • Lead & follow over space & alignment
  • musicality
    • Understanding & using rhythm (strong beat; shifting weight together in beat, walking together in beat, transition from rocking in strong beat to basic step)
    • Understanding & Using Melody (melodic rhythm; weight gain, steps, hips, full body)
    • Highlights in Music (Recognize Pauses)
    • Arrasta-Pé (special rhythm)
  • characters
    • Piao (rotation around one's own axis) – 1st part replace basic step, 2nd part replace, slight rotation
    • Cup – Replace 1st part in opening, Signaling Space with Hands, Signaling Space with Steps & Alignment, Proceeding Cup
    • Follower/Leader Turn – Signal space with hands, Signal space with steps & alignment
    • Caminhada – Replace 1st part in basic step, replace 2nd part, lower arm technique exercise
  • soft skills
    • Mutual Mindfulness (Proper Prompting and Thanking)
  • Others
    • Basic cultural facts

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For me, Forró is the symbiosis of music full of life and movement with other people! Forró makes you happy!

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