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Wenn Du schon länger dabei bist hast Du sicher ein paar coole Schrittmuster drauf, die noch nicht in diesem Kurs zu sehen sind! Magst Du sie mit uns teilen? 

Ganz einfach! Das Video kann aufgenommen & sofort automatisch hochgeladen werden!

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Important information and links about this course:

Follow these tips to reach the Step PEAK:
– Ghabit: Find a trigger (brushing your teeth/cooking/bus stop..) after or at which you do a step exercise every day
– Imitigate: Check out the step lessons on mobile & follow the steps
– Pcall: Compare your timing & execution exactly with the steps in the video
– fposture: Make sure your feet are healthy!
– Edevelop: Once the basic step is in place, try changing it, but not the timing
– honor: Teach the step to your friends - those who teach something learn the most themselves

This course only takes care of your steps and is intended as a companion course (or coordination training) to your normal dance lessons! You won't get that far in the Forró world with steps alone (even if it makes your life easier). Forró is less about steps and more about the connection to the music and your partner. The goal of the course is for you to focus less on difficult step patterns, leaving more capacity for connection and music. Steps are NEVER our number 1 in couple dance! 👣😛😉

If you would like to learn these other aspects better, we recommend your local Forró class, or ours Online Dance Classes!

step wishes or by video HERE!

Logically, this course is not about me (Philip), but about you (the person taking part in the course). So feel free to send me your step wishes at any time! Try to describe the step as best as you can, or even record a video. My plan is to implement every step wish!

I will try to wrap the step into a tutorial. If I don't know it myself, I'm sure a colleague will be able to explain it to us!

In der Forrówelt existieren Schritte natürlich nicht ohne Partner bzw. ohne Musik. Deshalb sind alle unsere tanzlastigen Kurse miteinander verknüpft, darunter der Musikalitäts-Kurs, die Tanzkurse für Paare und der Roots-Crashkurs!