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Where do you dance Forró?

In Jena

Wann und wo bist Du zum Forró gekommen?

Since 2012


Trio Dona Zefa, Coisa de Zé, Trio Alvorada

My favorite forró story...

In the meantime I have collected so many beautiful Forró experiences that I couldn't and wouldn't pick one as THE most beautiful. You are all so wonderful! 🙂

But I can say what they all have in common, i.e. what makes them my most beautiful experiences:

It's always the moments when I'm completely in the 'here and now'. I forget what was and it doesn't matter what comes. I rest in myself and am free from any thoughts. And I'm filled with feelings, all at the same time! But it's like looking at them from a higher vantage point and letting myself be carried away by those I choose: love, joy, happiness, pleasure... I am simple. I dance, so I am!

This is a state of perfect peace and harmony! I think it's also called Flow or the 'Zone'. 😉

And when I 'wake up' from that state, I feel such a longing to get back there...



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