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Once a week (currently Sunday, 7pm) there is a live lesson!

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* Reduced are people under 28, students, job seekers & people with disabilities + everyone who is financially suffering from the corona pandemic! If you cannot afford the reduced price either, write us an email and we will think about something. 🙂

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Course content: all topics at a glance!

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Components of music

What is Forró music composed of? How can we dance on these different parts? In this module we set the cornerstones for musical dancing!

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Structure & shape

How is Forró music structured? What patterns can we as dancers rely on? In the 2nd module you will learn what you can make danceable with Structure & Form.

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Musical highlights

How do breaks work in Forró? What other highlights are there? In this module you will learn how to turn highlights in music into highlights in dance.

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Flexible movements

Which movements are particularly suitable to be adapted to the music? The only module in which movements and their adaptation are (also) in the foreground.

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Recurring stylistic devices

Which musical stylistic devices appear repeatedly in the Forró? What can you dance on? In this module you will learn everything about the many, small features in Forró!

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Bonus module

In the bonus module you can unlock additional, exciting content that complements the other topics in this course. Everything about forró and musicality, of course!

Who runs this online course?

Hi, my name is Philip!

They say I'm a “forró nerd”. Probably that is not completely absurd with someone who has over 120 own Forró playlists on Spotify ... What particularly inspires me about Forró is the symbiosis of movement and music. Forró thus combines the two areas in which I know myself best as a musician (including piano & accordion) and competitive athlete.

Since I moved to Hamm in 2016, I have been teaching Forró courses on a regular basis. At the beginning of 2018, I started my own business with Forrówelt while studying. 

I hope to see you in the course soon! Until then!

Philip tanzt Forró | Musikalitäts-Kurs


Frequently asked questions - and their answers

No, not necessarily. We have found that this course can also be used without it. We think about something for solo & couple dancers for every hour. Nevertheless, it is of course advisable to do the course in pairs! After all, you can then try everything a little more directly!

We plan on average one unit per week. The meetings are usually on Sunday evening at 7pm. However, this can change at the request of the participants. If you miss a meeting, that's not so bad either, because we make all videos available to you on demand!

Definitely! We want you to be able to discover what you want to discover. If you have something in mind, just write us a comment / email with your request and we will try to fulfill it.

Our musicality course is for advanced dancers. It is of course not forbidden to participate as a beginner, but most of the content requires a certain amount of Forró experience. A homogeneous group is good for the learning success of the individual people! 

Yes! Write us an email and you can take a look at one of our zoom sessions for free! We also have a satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied in the first 14 days, we will refund your money!

It depends on. This course works because it lives very much from the skills you have acquired so far and the focus on music. However, many courses are designed for steps, movements, and venting. This is rather difficult (but not impossible) online, without changing partners and without parties. 

No, our course is primarily a live course. Whenever we have a live session, there is one more topic that is filled with content! At the moment we have a good 10 hours of video material.

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This is the way to the Forró world!