Our world

Hi! I am Philip and the craziest person you can imagine. That's probably why I founded Forrówelt.

To put it better, I was frustrated when my dance school at the time took my Forró course out of the program without replacing it and I got mine without further ado founded his own organization

I'm sure I don't always do everything right, but you can be sure: Forro comes first in all decisions and meanwhile I try to develop myself and my mission. 😉

Philip tanzt Forró | Musikalitäts-Kurs

* I mostly speak of us here because I have wonderful people who support me in my mission or who cooperate. Even if these people are (currently) not an official part of the Forrówelt project, it would be presumptuous to exclude them.

Mission & Roadmap von Forrówelt
Our world revolves around the people in it. It is not only about the diverse totality, but also about the individual person.
If all people are happy and manage to rediscover themselves over and over again, we have very few problems in the world. (we guess)
Our job is divided into two parts: on the one hand, we try to have a direct positive influence on your life, on the other hand, we believe in the even greater power of inspiration.

Our road map

What is on our agenda for the near future? A lot – and you can help decide what else is added! Submit your ideas & wishes and vote for your favorites in our roadmap (click below).


This is the way to the Forró world!