Why is there 'Forrówelt' at all?

“We stamp the Forró course. You can use the space more profitably.” – It was a short sentence in passing that ended my first Forró project in Lower Saxony in early 2018. This short sentence, as disappointing as it was for me, was to become the impetus for a new project. How can you please use a space more profitably than forró? In the ADTV dance school, where I did my unpaid internship, I was unfortunately the only one with this opinion. Convinced of the positive, transformative energy of Forró, I looked for new ways to spread my enthusiasm out into the world... 

A few days, lots of advice and a few book pages later, I registered as a small business owner with the trade office in my village of 2,000 inhabitants (at that time still Rehden in Lower Saxony). My economic hunch was limited to a book I read and a few websites, but My motivation to spread the word about how happy Forró can make you was hugeEver since Forró turned my life upside down and I practically moved to Forró-No Man's Land (Hamm) for the first time, a mission matured in me:

People happy(he) do and help oneself to rediscover.”

Forró has made me happier and helped me rediscover myself (several times). I wanted to pass that on in my own way. For this, however, this mission, the project, needed a name - preferably one that visually underpins the project. 

The choice fell on 'Forrówelt'. Why is quickly explained: I've always felt it was like stepping into another world when you go to the Forró. A happy world in which people are one have a special connection to each other. A world in which there is a lot of dancing, singing and laughing together. A world in which respect, individuality and naturalness are the most important laws of nature. 

Many of these aspects are neglected in 'modern' everyday life. Therefore 'Forrówelt' should a door into this world will. 'Forrówelt' is therefore neither a dance school nor a fashion label. It's more of a day-to-day travel company. You don't have to spend a lot of money and fly to Brazil to enter the forró world. With a good tour guide, this usually even works in your own four walls. 

If people leave the forró course with a smile, their forró shirt reminds them (and others) of this world in everyday life, or they realize how great it is to make forró music, then this mission is accomplished.

Beyond the Forróworld horizon!

One thing that is particularly important to me about this mission:

Forró world is by far not the only door into this world and don't want to be. Diversity and openness make the Forró strong. Not every door (nor every world) fits everyone. Therefore, for me, an exchange of opinions, a constant broadening of horizons and mutual support are part of a harmonious Forró world. 

I am therefore particularly grateful and proud of the existing projects and partnerships with Alex Almeida, Forró de KA and Forró de Colônia. At the same time, I look forward to new collaborations and paths that await us on the Forrówelt horizon!

However, the most important new path that we have in mind is a different one: It is yours. If you want, we'll be happy to hold the door open for you!

See you there!




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